GURUKOOL- Ecomomic Parenting

Taking a close look at the family culture in Indian families, very obvious things to note are;

The families are nuclear-This means more & more reliance on entertainment, importing of external culture compared to a home full of near & dear ones. There is a significant emptiness in life outside the workplace & many times people work more in their offices to avoid this emptiness

The money matters have become more significant than bonding; parents tend to buy love for the child through toys & other forms of spending. In any case society is more or less driven by lifestyle than the thinking style. That means the gravitating part of family culture is awfully missing. There is a natural tendency for flamboyance than serenity & contemplation. Thus, all the big decisions related to children are either postponed or neglected or taken in a hurry. There is a greater affordability to do so & because there is a surplus disposable income to support.

Gurukool is an ideal method of striking a great balance between;

  • Traditions Vs Modernism
  • Joy Vs Happiness
  • Stability Vs Fast paced growth
  • Materialism Vs Spiritualism
  • Realism Vs Imagination
  • Scholar Vs Smart
  • Self-reliance Vs Social outlook
  • Intelligence Vs Wisdom
  • Aspirations Vs Contentment
  • Aptitude Vs Competency

Because most parents lack a scientific understanding of the child’s Hr value, they lack in terms of fine execution & lack in terms of patience & lack in terms of the basic confidence & study required to assert, almost regularly parents show a tendency to;

  • Make convenience seeking decisions
  • Make short-term decisions
  • Make desperate decisions
  • Make last-moment decisions
  • Make contradictory decisions

The result is an erratic, unreasonable, expensive, in-objective, an irrational parent who works all the time in self-doubt. In no time the parent loses rapport with child & the child suffer.

Gurukool offers a method for; Economic Parenting /Rational Parenting/Cohesive Parenting

Hence Gurukool lays a tremendous emphasis on developing a very effective parenting system right from the beginning.

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