Personality Clinic

Personality Clinic is a platform to launch an individual into a world of distinction, creating a beautiful balance between development of hidden traits & creation of new facets.

It develops an independent & positive value system in a child. The clinic works proactively on, any prospects & problems before an individual. The concept of Personality Psychograph helps an individual monitor himself on 100 highly productive Personality Traits. Each of these indices has a specific meaning and a context that affects an individual’s success. The psychograph creates a strategic opening for an individual by helping him do a detail analysis of all his human interactions. Personality school is an exercise in creating human brands that would develop enormous following.

Personality clinic is an output of great many psychological molecules coming in a certain alignment. Once this alignment is made, intelligence can become simply a matter of habit. Thus to make a positive gain, either of the two could be enhanced. Basic intelligence is a God given. However, active intelligence is a complex function of many hidden psychological traits. Personality clinic has made it possible through a properly orchestrated psychodynamics to unleash a full potential. It helps people with tools of intelligence as much as the opportunities for intelligence development.

There are twelve different kinds of intelligence & 100 personality behavioral traits exist in human system. Surprisingly only one or few of them are used operationally. Its analytical use or strategic use is practically unknown. If these approaches are put into use the results could be extraordinarily different. Intelligence is attitudinally used only as are active function. Its proactive use can facilitate new product ideas, integrated concepts; break through communication and future generation systems.

Personality Clinic is working over last 2 decades, helping recreate the notion of personality fundamentally as a hardware & software combination. Traits & features being hardware, ego and attitudes is software.

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