• The program travels out of infusion state & works towards the diffusion & Conviction before the action is taken.This is geometrically opposite to the concept “I tell you, better do it" dynamics within the organization & 'I tell you, try doing this' in the training arena.
  • The program approach is more of feature identification, development & less on feature addition which helps participants remain relax, happy & more Competitive.
  • The program works on importance of personality constitution & structure and emphasizes not on one single feature but the composition. Similarly, it keeps key focus on core/ hidden traits & lesser on borrowed/ apparent traits. This creates an atmosphere of positive & profound inner journeys, which gets manifested in every action the human being does.
  • The program is compact with 100s of case studies full of commercial & emotional plots, characters & personalities, climaxes & anti-climaxes, cracking humor & tragic tales. It is a complete life journey, which takes every individual down his own memory lane that sets pace for high application learning & adaptation.
  • Every program is a high-speed workshop & participants are constantly busy, whether it is a mental engagement, communicative engagement & physical engagement.
  • The program generates high activation energy by creating new revelations, Discoveries & rediscoveries, inspirations & motivations .It is an experience not just to remember but to live over & over, again & again.

The program is a wonderful approach to stress management for it creates a passion for inside -out living -a welcome break from a stressful outside - in living.

How to Enhance Training Output?
In order to enhance training output at various levels, we suggest:

  • All participants should be properly briefed about the training program. They should also know the basic reason; why they are participating in the program?
  • To enhance quality listening of the program, the study material should be made available beforehand and participants should read it and get familiar with the subject analysis and subject treatment.
  • To enhance understanding the participants must ask questions that ensure that the understanding is crosschecked with the actual conceptual inputs.
  • To affect better reproduction of understanding, the whole program will be planned in a way that participants are presenting some thought or the other all the time. The consultant will guide them into a proper presentation and packaging of their thoughts.
  • The best way to ensure that the conceptual understanding does not fade away in human memory system is that the concepts are brought into practice. For the purpose, an Application Workshop is suggested whereby, majority of the concepts are tested on a real time basis, singularly or in combination with one another.
  • Relearning is an important process in the aspect of forming an original human being with a distinguished thinking content. Relearning will be tracked and encouraged through Email interaction with the participants. This would also be routed parallely to HRD.

  • Conceptual Clarity – Projected Reach 100%.

    The Program will create a conceptual base for building a team; it will transform all concepts from its notional value to the operational value.

  • Operative Skills Building – Projected Reach 80 – 85%.

    The Program converts Team Building from Project to Process. In doing so it familiarizes the participants with respect to the total operational plan and its sustenance by making Team Building an ongoing issue.

  • Technical Skills Building – Projected Reach 70 – 75%.

    Through a continuous game playing & action generation, the participants would be given technical skills that manifest through a verbal, written or a body language.

  • Strategic Perspectives – Projected Reach 65 – 70%.

    A strong emphasis is laid on the issue of strategy building and execution to enable decision-makers with options to choose from & emphasizing on a detailed action plan for any of the chosen routes.

Critical Analysis of Training Approaches
Experience Sharing:

Experience sharing creates an atmosphere of teaching at someone else’s expense. It is, therefore, a very cost effective method of gathering experience. However, experience is only a data or information about one individual & his life and in specific circumstances. Experience sharing creates a strong initial response, which wears out partially due to lack of credibility and partially due to the ideological non-compatibility of the audience.

Experience Creation:

Creation of an experience is a method of super-conditioning the audience into accepting and absorbing a certain happening as an experience. A large number of people relate an experience to a certain real happening in their life. Yet, a larger number of people could be made to get a richer experience by awakening their mind and keeping it at higher level of consciousness than the body. Thus, experience creation offers enormous amount of possibilities that can favor easy relationship building with complex ideas and concepts leading to a more comprehensive understanding.

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