The Chronicle Of Author

He has been researching on human behavior over last 30-years & his research has following major contributions.

1999 Discovery of Self-Images- The Hidden engine that directs human being irrespective of his socio-commercial position. Book under publication
2000 Discovery of tool for creation & rejuvenation of human Intelligence Elementary work published in 2004 book title Rule With Intelligence Launched a web site:
2001 Discovery of the Constitution of the human growth-The concept of process child Elementary work published in 2002 Book titled Making Best of Childhood
2003 Spatial creativity; conceptualization of Spatial Creativity; Concept book is due for launch. Introduced thematic services for corporate promotion and internal marketing
2004 Developed tool for Total Personal Intelligence / Total People Intelligence called personality psychograph. Elementary work published in 2004 Book titled Know Your Personality & Make your psychograph.
2005 Launched software PBPGL-Prashant Brahmane’s Psychographics Levels for competency assessments.
2008 Published the book titled Map Your Competency that is a comprehensive treatment to the science of competency evolution & competency development.
2011 Mind No Matter - Proposal on intellectual capitalism through a subtle global English comedy for global market. Produced in form of audio drama.
2011 Set up Gurukool at Pune. This is a program to bring back the glory of guru-shishya parampara. The program is available for all ages. The program changes the approach to schooling completely from teaching to learning. The project works within a strategic triangle of Children-Parents-Teachers.
2012 Started pioneering work in the filed of Child HR. Founded an NGO-GLF foundation for Global Child Hr movement.
2013 Initiated work on the Grand Synthesis of Human Evolution. The project has a great application for breakthrough possibilities in human evolution.
2014 Fiction and Film Scripting - Working on two major film scripts for Hollywood intellectual cinema-One for the Indian Intellectual Cinema-‘Q’ .Both the films are planned to be flagship PR for Gurukool.
2015 Urdu Poetry - Pen name Zid. Zid ki Shayari-Tunhare liye is a script of more than 18,000 gazals. (This is more than the combined published gazals of the Golden era trio-Mirza Ghalib- Meera Taqi Meer & Ibrahim Zouk). Ravindranath Tagore has a total published compilation of 2200 poes written in Bengali-English-Hindi. He is taking the urdu literature to a majestic heights using a full color riot of Art-Beauty-Creativity-Romance-Love-Philosophy-Spirituality.
2016 English transliteration - Zid ki Shayari, is being transliterated into English to enable the western world get newer windows of deeper eastern consciousness of human emotions. The translitaeration has received critiq views as being comparable with the works of the classical English poets like Shelly-Milton-Wordsworth.
2018 Gazal King - Launched musical concerts under the owned brand-Gazal King. He belongs to a rare theattre trinity of being a Singer-Poet-Composer.

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