How can Child HR benefit your child?

When do we understand people, market or friends? Someone may say it should happen at 10, someone may say it should happen at 5. Whatever it is , it is safer to believe earlier the better. Why children sleep more during travel? Travelling enables children get exposed to greater data; most of which is something they have never seen or imagined. Seeing & managing this data makes their brain weary & hence they tend to sleep more. Taking a clue from this one could say early exposures would help a child’s brain receive more & think more.
When one goes to the market one tries to dig into the pocket to know what could be bought. All thinking essentially begins with understanding about self. Thoughtful people are incessant & a child’s mind is very much like it. Consciousness about self is extremely rewarding habit because one has to do less to do more.
Performing is a habit of mind to want more. Even a single performance is gravitating enough that it channelizes the mind for much greater possibilities. It is quite an experience to see something happening. Gradually one spreads that over to many more fields.
Opportunities are obscured by an illusion that nothing is possible. Staying in touch with a world of possibilities increase the opportunities to perform on many frontiers.
Generally human fulfills the need of decisions by consulting others. But bigger decisions of life irrespective of the age are taken by consulting self. Self-assessment is a habit of knowing what exactly you are, creating your own value base & making your own judgments about the situation. The speed of action & consequently growth of a human being is naturally higher.
Water harvesting is secure. Natural harvesting is fraught with vagaries called weather. Systematic growth plans affords consistency. One off performances may stand out once but remaining time that creates a frustration. Organized growth plan treats every performance & every success as a starting point for a higher effort thus laying a chain reaction like structure.
Academic scores declare a possibility; whereas competency measures the deliverable. Competency necessitates many complimentary traits to boost & consolidate the performance.
When one learns to take care of oneself he is also open to a possibility of taking care of others if required. This is a point of transition from a selfish approach to meeting self-needs to understanding needs of others too. This is a perfect beginning for generation of team-member & leadership ethos.
Children brought up in a nuclear family have a different mindset compared to those brought up in large size families. Child HR introduces a highly integrated brethren enlarging the scope of family living & family values.
One track affords an early success but multiple competencies afford secured success. Making a comprehensive plan for success is an assurance that success would keep coming.
An ideal synthesis is a clandestine formula. It cannot be known to everyone. Whosoever knows that gets enjoys a fortune of a smooth passage to success.
Knowing challenges of life early enough affords a mind preparation for being over & above the situation. It also trains minds to tell what to expect where & make a proactive plan.
An average career planning is based on following the success. A quality career planning is based on the success following you. To minimize the travails & troubles a systematic approach is desired.
An average competitive man competes with others. A more enlightened competes with self. Child HR heightens the opportunistic sense in a child & awakens him to different possibilities makes persuasive demands on internal growth through self-competition.
Every failure leads to success. Failure could mean a forbidden path that one better not choose. That opens other vistas for exploring. That means effectively there are no permanent failures.
An average child reads a book for the sake of completing the assignment, a better child reads to understand an even better child reads to learn in order to facilitate its practice. Those who are the learned ones naturally think a lot with a greater zeal & passion. Over a period of time thinking happens at both the conscious & subconscious level. All men of greater consequence to humanity have been natural thinkers.
Mass education leads to common knowledge; an extraordinary learning is mostly a private tour to the thinking destinations. The distinctive living is foretold.
All physical games are entertaining. All mind games are ever entertaining. Learning is highest quality joy that is possible on the earth. Child Hr is an exciting journey through learning forever.
Habits die hard though good habits should never die. A good habit is as good as an elixir because that directly affects the physical & mental health of a child.
Recognition would come only if you are rising above others, stand out from others & people value it personally. The consciousness about one’s image is an automatic benefit of following the resource value of human being. You run in dingy lanes until a time comes when you suddenly find yourself starting on the highways; free from traffic jams.
Success has got its own perils. A genuinely capable man knows he would build capabilities one after another, one over another. There is actually nothing to stop. Those who do not realize this have success getting into their head that spoils them.

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