Matter Does Not Exist

Matter does not exist; it is the conversion of the energy. Energy is universally available in form of matter & in form of energy itself. But energy does not get identified. For example the creative force. It is much bigger in the nescient form because it survives some deadly attacks. It strives to become vital to ensure it survives. Bit it expands rapidly in a way that identities & bonds & classes are formed. If we could transmit energies creation it could become unnecessary. Just think you are transporting beauty to eyes so one doesn’t have to build a Taj Mahal. The principles of economics are well endowed in the theory of molecule & pre-molecule.

The vitality is measured by the existence & existence by the longevity. But time is relative & one could take ages to relsied something that others take no time to do. He may be living in that realism for ages already.

Thoughts are like knots. One hopes to see. The creator of thought sees them makes them yet it may not knot people. Hence if at all you want to think that you are wrong it is you only who will know it or find it. It is impossible for an observer to know it or feel it because the perspective cannot match precisely. Hence it would be a pretty useless exercise to attempt to do that. Most of arguments that ever arise are on account of the fact that two people with identical behavior may not have identical thinking. Cruder, we people with identical thinking & identical behaviors may not exhibit in the same time & space. There is no possibility of two spaces in one space unless one of the spaces leaves the identity. Theory of referencing or vouching for a majority is not the method of finding truths but a way of achieving a minimum level of consolation for the truth. Facts bring the truth further down in essence & quality. Therefore most facts have a quantified sense.

If you start writing a number with many digits on a paper it will never going to be understood because it would become large enough to unable the reading. Taking it to the next line would make no sense because the perspective has changed when one goes to carrying the number to the next line. That limits our understanding of dimensions of anything; the number, the problem…

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