Five Elements

Newtonian physics seems to be a middle path of living. It is predominant in most of us because it is a convenient route. But there are people who want to think the right and left. Look further than Carl Marx. He assumed there is a direct relationship between economic being of the person with psychological being; as if churches, Red Cross or NGOs did not exist then. The understanding of economics, however, evolved and we are able to see a higher power regression between eco-pyscho. When we look narrower and eliminate some data, analysis becomes easy. It is with purpose people use wisdom because the person who taught them that will be responsible for the productive use! There might be some people who are more comfortable with rationality because it is a linear model. There could hardly be any criticism except that it was linear. For someone to say that he has to have creative mind set perforce, and that is minority.

Newtonian physics has never been used to identify larger bodies. If there is a God of mathematics there must be someone who created God too so that more duties are assigned. That is the beginning of the search for the other world. And that might not be just another physical reality; it could be another truth that says all truths are not a reality all the time or that all realities must be experienced only by those who have larger understanding of the concept of reality. Just the other day a blind musician was talking to me; who said, ‘I cannot see and conceive ideas therefore I try to understand the truth and understanding philosophy is the best alternative to it for me’. I corrected him saying, ‘philosophy is a truth behind truth’. The point is, understanding the larger and larger and being open to bigger and bigger world of possibilities is expanding the scope of brain by introducing mind. Now I will turn to Panch mahabhutas.

We can directly touch these basic elements but they are so huge that God has made the provision to make their ultra-condensed forms possible to be experienced within out mind. Thus when we walk we will experience earth and our foot will normally feel more comfortable with that being firm on the ground. Many people show a nervous feeling when they sit of the chair that doesn't let their feet touch the ground. Earth is a reality that is touchable. But remember you cannot touch all of that; you can touch one end of it. Hence mind comes into the play that allows us to take the characteristics and a make model in our mind. Earth handles the whole universe of the living activity and what part our mind can store is enough to help us work on our single living. So is true for other elements.

My concept of fast is that in the middle of the night a hungry stomach creates a synthesis quiet opposite of the normal eating day. The fire in the stomach creates synthesis that ensures, human actions in the micro level are on and you feel good that you are able to induce Karma even during the rest period. On the other hand, neutrality of the stomach will create a deep satisfaction and it will lead to creation of peace that is space. Remember, space is congestion and the movement is free. There are unlikely to be obstructions. But it is not a synthesis in the same way as the fire creates.

The times of our birth, date included has been identified with different elements. Air and water sign, fire and sky, earth and air are neutral. Such relationships would be smooth yet uninteresting. Fire and air is one of the most violent relationships known; whereas the fire and water is one the most conflicting relationships known. This is all condensed in our mind. One may argue it is more our nature and not the five elements per say. I will say, “Say that again”; you will say. “It is probably to do more with our nature…”I will say, “hold here dear; you said nature. That is how seriously nature comes into us; the five elements are the mere differentials of nature.

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