Two Gods

Yes, it is possible that I did something without God’s permission. Many times we work on a certain intuition & we realize it was not so but at that moment we think that was the most obvious & natural thing to do. Yet little later quite dramatically we realize that was the best thing to happen to you. The time & circumstances are the major forces beyond the understanding of a human being. I propose a theory of multiple Gods; the more you get to think God the more you realize this. This is just like we knowing many facets of ourselves. To put in simple math we exist as body & soul. B+S=E. And at any given moment the value of B & S will never be 0. Hence any direct correlation between B & E or S & E is impossible. But since S, the soul is unseen we discard it as 0 and we relate everything to just B. Our social behavior is thus all the time with respect to the behavior (Body) & not the mind or spirit; the soul. I can distinctly identify two Gods, at least; one that directs our (body behavior) social behavior & the other that guides our soul. Our journey of money, possessions, career are decided by one God & our self-consciousness, love, care, devotion, sacrifice is directed by another God. If you think & if you know I have done something without God’s permission then please refer the matter to the other God. He might tell you the reason & the purpose.

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