Intuition; The Brightest Future of the Forecast

Destiny rules and so we allow this to rule, I mean, rule our mind. Destiny is a possibility, possibility like any other thing, like a tall tree that swirls innocuously 35000 ft below you and makes no effect, whatsoever, on your fastened seat belt or a stretch of the knees. That object will come into a more serious view when you are told that the strip is close to it. The harmless distances spare us from lightening as well, when you are in the armchair. But then the distances are mere psychological! By the movement of happening, these distances are nothing to beat. Distances are active on account of the Newton’s law of attraction of mass, but we might be more affected by the imbalances than the balances. That is where we travel away from the realities and create a more possible action through our mental availability.

In my work related to the creation of the subject called Thoughtix, I am trying to graduate essentially over and ahead of Newton’s theories. With the passage of time, after the proverbial incident of the Apple, science has become far more palpable and far more realizable. It was an intuitively possible thing, though.

There are many of us that had math built in our survival instinct. There are many who were so upset with the mechanical thing like addition and subtraction that the musings stored for a long and unleashed in a form to become math’s self-sacrificing critique. Personally, I often probe myself by asking questions such as these, to my growing up daughter; ‘where do you see 1?’. And she showed one pen. I told her, she was showing me pen, and not 1! Too much of belief would lead to taking for granted. Some of the arithmetic teachers, would not like me to ask questions about the genesis! Now some of us see this as a last good opportunity to break into the proximate realms. Wow, there we are. Is extension of a thought, not necessarily a logic, a clue to knowing the realm juxtaposed? Wow, so we come to the point of making a thoughtful entry into the future. How does it matter, if, in a micro, we do it individually.

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