Infinity of Time and Space

Every research glitters in an epoch. That is why periods are definable. The definite, the confidant, rules our extra ability to be infinite in most sanities. We work only during the day and travel only in conscious state. Our ability to travel and surf in the subconscious state is unknown to most. And I reckon most of research in future would take place in shifts beginning with sleep and end as the eyes open to the new reality. Look no further than this; when you sleep after heavy food you have different type of sleep. When you sleep after skipping dinner you get different value of sleep. Economics is foretold. After keeping my faith in fasting over 2-decades, I have come to realise, our food and nutrition is not so much based in our lifestyle or work style but in our thinking style. Like eat to live and live to eat, we might be classified into dream to sleep and sleep to dream.

As rationalities disrupt, we can hold sway over many notions and facts and convictions. This is a typical synthesis of any creative escape; whether related to science or art. I was slowly moving into infinity on the virtuous model of sleep-thinking for many years and now I lay before you newer understanding about two basic concepts of relativity. Thanks to Einstein, my mentor, it helped me surpass the field because I tried to understand him devotedly. I am now completely in the state of mind to believe that time is infinity and there is no rational apparatus that can help measure time in common reference. One apple is one… everywhere… every time… but not 1 sec. This refer is only unidirectional truth. But a better and more sustainable truth withstands inversion too. I can write two words in one second but its inversion; one second writes two words is too pedestrian. (Sarcasm is not a slip of emotion; humour is an orchestration of the cross wind.) The reason lay in the fact that directions are many and interpretation, which is mind’s first hand, would fail to be in places, as many, all at the same time. Logic prevails on equations on the soft challenge of solitary sojourn of one direction. Value is a non-mathematical parable and that too suffers from the same element of privacy conundrum for example; ‘I do not hurt but I do kill’.

Einstein thrived on the challenges of time and space being relative and he stopped there. The biggest hurdle he was facing was that he was talking about relativity in the conscious reference. If it was, why was the nucleus thought and not action? The answer is; eyes help you see, thoughts help you know better; one is an erratic wave, the other is a masculine restoration. Consciousness needs structure and it subtle elucidation needs imagination...

To my mind, now, space is not just relative, it is multiple of that. If we think of going to one university, we are leaving alone many others forgetting that the most contemplative and console is our own mind.

Time is not just relative; it is multiple of that. Remember, angles are 360 degrees but directions are infinite. That makes it a challenge to live by hand or the body. It is sentient only in mind.

Enjoy, sleep, live sleep. Otherwise, we are living only millionth of moments and consuming only the trillionth of the living space.

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