I Wonder

I wonder…How hesitant we are in accepting a dream that comes true. It settles very late. People die of a pleasant surprise attack. It’s just that we have very little faith in our dreams. We separate the two worlds; that’s the story of ordinary mortals. The greater ones create a long linear regression that keeps the happening at a magical level all the time. Dreams wake them up and in turn they too wake up the dreams!

I wonder…The light of the stars comes from far distance. Their cool shine supposedly affects the human biochemistry. They are so far that we cannot be operating in the same time zone. The simulation in human relation is grim yet inspiring. Two good friends cannot operate in the same time zone. Two good friends cannot operate in the same picture zone. The science of NLP; Neuro-Linguistic Programming says a possibility of building an empathy between interlocutors is dramatically affected by the fact that they are looking at each other that affects the perspectives. Technically, they are both blind to each other’s content- I see your face- you see mine. Both are blind to each other’s context- I see a snowy winter picture & you see a spring. Not to talk morose but the same star may have died some months or a year back whose light we still call divinely romantic shower & feel blessed by its liveliness (pun unfortunate). Those who manage to share the time zone, emotional zone, desire zone, aspiration zone, inspiration zone manage to hang on & see more, act more & achieve more. Life had never called for a geometric strategy or a spatial strategy but here it looks so that one has to have the technical wisdom to make good things come to you.

I wonder…How sure are we when we say so? There is no quantification possible in idiomatic expressions. We feel sure because we carry no suspicion whatsoever that the reality could be quite different. A suspect man looks less confident. We adore confidence without realizing that we wish to reduce the ‘thinking probability’-also read-‘the possibility of different thinking’, in such critical events as judging the surety of a disposition. Life is a paradox but whenever we forget that we turn to making a miserable oversight.

Yes, I wonder we say yes to what? The questioner’s, perspective is intention, is motivation, may be rank opposite of the one who is answering. So the question “are you okay?” with an expectancy of a yes is a loaded question. The one who answers is relatively light. He is innocent of anything that may lay hidden and is beyond his capacity to comprehend. But life has an inherent pace in it. The speed at which the interlocution takes place is in no rhythm with the pace at which the transactions of thoughts happen. Quite opaque to this reality, we make communication and commitments that we often do not realize or stick to.

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