Freedom Way

Time is never enough for me when I am in a company of people who comfort me by offering a space that I call freedom. I do not have a selfish purpose in taking all my loved ones to the space of my choice but it happens invariably that people are not used to enjoying freedom. It would generally require a lot of effort to coax people into using their freedom way as to journey forth in their life. It is never enough when I take my people along & pilot them into a space that changes their life at least momentarily. I believe the speed of this movement could be felt only by the subconscious mind. Till this is cross-checked with their conscious mind, if ever, they will never know what has happened. They of course feel the journeys but they are used to having some sort of a cross-check before they recognize in their physical rational; the event, its utility & its productive cross-over of the memory.

Since ego is so dear to us, I as a trainer found a novel way to use this natural instinct in most of us, for achieving a higher purpose. I ask people to express their goodness. This helps them differentiate between the wheat & the chaff. Then they are asked to take a self-test for the grade of the goodness. When they fail this test, if at all, then they speak less about this. They also subsequently become more conscious of carrying the misleading opinion about themselves. One by one thus they rise to new consciousness that tells them that whatever they feel about themselves has got to be tested as valid on their own accord. That controls their false self-consciousness. Majority of the problems with ego is not that people have it but that people show that they have ego in them. That is like a garbage din in the house; everybody has it but no one shows it. The newly ‘established’ state of self graduates to accepting other’s greatness that keeps their ego weight under a state of balance.

When people go for smaller goals compared to their capabilities they would end up looking for the ‘ego’ as an additional consolation prize. When they go for higher pursuits than what is logically possible, they would sacrifice ego for a better cause. One of the best ways of utilizing people’s ego is to tell them what better they can do with their ‘self’.

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